Bedroom Tax: Father Of Four Threatened To ‘Blow Up’ His Home

> So far its only individuals who are reaching the point of no return. How long before whole sectors of society blow up ?

A father of four children threatened to ‘blow up’ his own home yesterday (4 June 2014) as he faced eviction due to the government’s controversial ‘bedroom tax’ housing policy.

52 year-old Michael Hilton from Church, East Lancashire, had been living in his social home for 30 years before being ‘hounded’ by his social landlord, Hyndburn Homes, to cover the shortfall in his rent since September 2013.

Mr Hilton was told that he would have to contribute toward the cost of his rent because a spare bedroom in his home was not being used, even though his children sometimes occupied the bedroom when they came to visit.

Mr Hilton had been stockpiling gas canisters at his home  and warned bailiffs that there would be an ‘explosion’ if they tried to enter.

Bailiffs reported the incident to the police who arrived at the property  with six cars, two police vans, police dogs, a riot van and two fire engines.

Mr Hilton’s distressed wife and son, Johnny, looked from behind police barriers as Michael barricaded himself in the property and refused to leave.

Onlookers soon gathered at the scene with one witness saying: “It’s the government this is. They are putting these taxes on vulnerable and poor people and look what happens.”

Another onlooker told the Lancashire Telegraph: “It’s been his home for 30 years. It’s a bit extreme but no-one would want to be thrown out like that”.

A police negotiator was sent to the house to try to convince Mr Hilton to leave the property voluntarily. However, police say that a decision was eventually reached to force entry into the house and detain Mr Hilton.

Mr Hilton’s 29 year-old son Johnny, said: “I knew something like this was going to happen. He has been hounded to pay bedroom tax since September last year.

“My dad has four children altogether and, sometimes, they stay here with him.

“In the eyes of the council, he has a spare room but, from his point of view, that’s a bedroom for his kids.

“I have even tried to speak to the council myself and try to sort it out. I called them last week and told them that my dad has mental health problems. He thinks he’s being persecuted.”

He has been driven to this and I think that he feels like he is making a stand for everyone that has been faced with the unfair bedroom tax. I am very worried about him.”

Nigel Fenton, managing director of Hyndburn Homes, said:

Any repossession of a tenant’s home is always an absolute last resort and would only happen after we have repeatedly attempted to resolve the issues and help them.

“We always try to support our tenants and assist them in any way that we can. We would always urge our tenants to discuss problems with us so that we can provide our support.

“Staff from Hyndburn Homes were at the scene and worked with the emergency services to ensure the safety of residents in the area.

“We have been made aware of gas cylinders at the rear of the property and we have been working with officers from the council to resolve this matter.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said:

We were very concerned as there was a suggestion that there was petrol inside the property and we had also heard reports that he had a large number of gas canisters with him.

“We sent a negotiator in to reason with him but eventually, a decision was taken to enter the house and detain the man.

Source – Welfare News Service,  05 June 2014


  1. beastrabban

    Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Unemployed in Tyne and Wear’ s comment about how long it will be before whole sectors of society explode is a good one. Guy Standing makes exactly the same point in his ‘A Precariat Charter’, where he states that incidents like Michael Hilton’s threat to blow up his own home are merely the ‘luddite’ stage of individual acts of despair and resistance before a full-fledged violent, revolutionary movement occurs. I’m not so sure, but it won’t take many incidents like these, and only one killing by the police of person in similar circumstance, to provoke serious rioting. The Bedroom Tax needs to go. Now.

  2. Ulysses

    He’s fucked.
    He thought he was fucked before, but now he’s on a whole new level.
    Now he’s in the hands of the criminal justice system, and no matter what you see on TV, it aint The Bill, Morse, Judge John Deed or Rumpole. No mitigating circumstance, no being pushed to his limit and beyond, that dont matter a jot, though his brief will state the hole embarrassing episode leading to his breakdown in detail- just cold harsh judgement, possibly a custodial because this case involved threatening arson and a gas blevey- threatening property and life of others, almost definitely a spell in a secure hospital.
    And to top it all off, a nice healthy fine.
    And then the tender mercy of the Probation service leeches. Who will then preach to him the facts of the case as they see it, and find him a place in a £380 PER WEEK hostel as he will inevitably have lost his home during all this, he will need an address to be registered at to be eligible for probation

    Yeah, read that again, Homeless hostels charge the taxpayer via housing benefit around £380 PER WEEK, not month, plus out of this guys own money/ benefits he will need to pay an additional £30 per week “Service charge” for meals, heat and laundry

    A nice fat profit making excersize for the blood suckers all round.

  3. jaypot2012

    The poor man 😦 I have the greatest sympathy for him – this un-elected coalition has driven this man to his breakdown. They don’t care that he has lived in his home for 30+ years and has nothing left after this.
    This government ought to be stood against a wall and shot – they have driven people to suicide, poverty, mental health problems just because they want extra money from the poor.
    I hope IDS gets his comeuppance very, very soon, along with Osbourne!

  4. George Newall

    Fuckin Cameron stated no one will be evicted because of bedroom tax but as per usual he’s fuckin a lying bastard.He is causing heartache everywhere in the uk,well after the 18th September i a am sorry to my english neighbours he is all your and one thing is for sure Scotland is doing away with this unlawful tax. So Cameron the liar,the theif the murderer and the cause of people being evicted because of an unlawful tax FUCK YOU ENGLISH SCUMBAG.

  5. Mick

    Ulysses has hit the nail squarely on the head , fucked on a hole new level. Would have been better spending the gas money trying to keep the wolves at bay by offering some sort of payment!

  6. amnesiaclinic

    Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    Appalling. Now just read Ulysses comment on how much taxpayers are paying per week to house people in homeless hostels because people couldn’t find the extra bedroom tax (which should never have been charged in the first place) so he lost his home.

    • Ulysses

      And that is precisely the point, residents in these hostels go through stages, first is gratitude for getting them off the street, your still in a bubble and a state of shock_ then comes integration to the community in there and conversation with the older hands, and the broad spectrum of folk in there, you get to wonder what the hell these people did to wind up homeless, there are the long term unemployed, the ill and the addicted to substance folk, who I’d also describe as ill, then bizarrely there are the skilled, the professional and the very very intelligent. And then there are those on bail or probation … Then you apply the logic to yourself. Any body, any demographic can end up in there. Anybody.
      And then you get talking… And then the paperwork for the housing benefit arrives.
      And the older hands, longer term residents complaints suddenly make sense, how the fuck can the local authority pay nigh on 400 quid to keep you in a second rate dump and not a few extra quid to keep you in your own home?
      And at this point you find yourself dining at their table, singing from the same hymn sheet

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