Durham student protest over ex-UKIP MEP Bloom debating women’s rights

Students are planning to protest as outspoken MEP Godfrey Bloom takes part in a debate on women’s rights later this week.

Mr Bloom is now an independent MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, having been stripped of the Ukip party whip last September after he referred to women at the party’s conference as sluts.

He is due to speak at Durham University’s debating society, the Durham Union Society, on Friday (May 9), supporting the proposition: “This House believes that it’s a woman’s world.”

Mr Bloom will be supported by Sebastian Payne, online editor of The Spectator magazine, and opposed by Flo Perry, from the Durham University Feminism Society, and Angela Towers, from the HQer No More Page 3 campaign.

However, the Durham University Students Against Austerity group has called a protest, saying it deplores that Mr Bloom is being granted the platform.

The debate will take place in the debating chamber on Palace Green, Durham, on Friday (May 9) at 8.30pm, with the protest beforehand at 8pm.

Source – Durham Times  07 May 2014

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